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This work has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Jorge J. Gómez Sanz and Dr. Juan Pavón.

It is also remarked that this project has been developed within the Grasia! Research Group of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

We acknowledge support from the project Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Complex Social Systems (SiCoSSys), supported by Spanish Council for Science and Innovation, with grant TIN2008-06464-C03-01. And the sponsorship by the FPU doctoral program of the Government of Spain, with grant AP2008-00058 (Carlos Rodríguez Fernández). Also, we acknowledge the funding from the Programa de Creación y Consolidación de Grupos de Investigación UCM-Banco Santander for the group number 921354 (GRASIA group).

The editor has been generated using the meta-editor INGENME

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